About the Book!

YOU DON’T HAVE TO WORRY SO MUCH is a powerful, fun, and poignant collection of essays focusing on a range of real life issues and post-modern approaches to topics like sex, love, marriage, belief, parenthood, and mental illness. This book of essays is far from the “self-help” or “advice” niche yet features chapters about saving the world, reaching your full potential, and offers McKeen’s yearly list of answers for his high school seniors (just some of them, for now). Jeremy McKeen’s almost twenty years of teaching and marriage, as well as his twelve years as a parent have prepared him for the ever-increasing glory and difficulty of modern life, whether it’s responding to war, old age, or mulching this Saturday. In a buzzpop world full of short articles and endless videos luring you into the rabbit hole of endless advertising, take a break and enjoy his essays. Because, damn it, you’re worth it. 

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